Asian Brides


Asian women are proud of their hair and devote a lot of time to caring for them. It is not difficult - hairdressers and beauty salons are literally on every corner.

Asian women like to dye their hair in chestnut with a hint of straw and dark brown. Young women prefer to darken their natural color even more and are painted black. Blondes are very rare, so if you meet at least one, you can assume that you are very lucky. And this is not because Asian women of fashion do not like blond hair; it is rather difficult to lighten black hair by nature.


Asian brides think that long hair is sexy and attracts men, and short haircuts make facial features too sharp. At the peak of fashion is also brown hair of medium length, curly from the middle. The desired curliness is achieved with the help of a perm. Also, the girls curl the tips of the hair into medium and large curlers, and older women - all the hair completely into smaller ones. Asian women are very fond of bangs, considering that it gives the face a childlike innocence. Bangs can be both straight and oblique, but necessarily thick.


The favorite hairstyle of most Asian girls is a bundle casually gathered with the help of a foam chignon or roller, decorated at the bottom or side with a hairpin bow. The larger the volume, the better.


To become slimmer, they sit on diets and visit gyms. Asian brides are slim from birth. Slimness and miniature are anatomical feature of Asian  women. For example, in China, there are far more fat men than women. But at the same time, slender and thin Asian women can not boast of having rounded hips and large breasts. However, the girls are not upset with that fact. It would be logical to assume that plastic surgery should be popular in Asian, and in fact it is. But girls do not change the body, but the face.


What is the ideal sought Asian  beauty? The model is considered to be a slim, slightly thinner than a tall girl. The figure must be taut, but without prominent muscles. Therefore, active cardio, training in gyms and team games are not popular among fashionistas. The most popular activities for Asian women are yoga, pilates, swimming, walking, badminton and, oddly enough, belly dancing. In everyday life, Asian brides walk a lot and ride a bike, so their figure remains slim until old age. For those who still want to get rid of a few extra kilograms, Asian women are advised to jump rope.


In matters of diet, Asian women adhere to the principle: if you want to lose weight, eat less. Many believe that the fastest way to harmony is starvation, less radical refuse everything except yogurt, fruit and vegetables. Such a diet is especially popular in spring and summer, when apples, pears, melons, watermelons, strawberries, cherries, lychees, figs, peaches, mangoes, papayas and pineapples are sold at ridiculous prices.


Asian brides believe that in order to obtain a beautiful figure and maintain health it is important to drink plenty of water and green tea. Coffee came to China not so long ago and is still not a popular drink, but tea is considered as a source of health since ancient times, and depending on the variety, can have a beneficial effect on various organs and processes in the body. Asian women drink tea without sugar, lemon and milk, they always carry a plastic thermos with tea or water.

Tanning in most of the Asian countries is unacceptable. About 70% of body care products contain bleaching particles on the shop windows of cosmetic stores.

Anti-cellulite remedies are also not popular, as the skin of the inhabitants of Asian girls is taut and smooth.  

In general, naturalness and health are always in fashion, which is why sauna, spa and massage are so popular in Asia. To keep the skin young and fresh, Asian women take hot baths with flowers of rose, peach, astragalus root or ginseng. They come to the sauna for the whole day, and in addition to water treatments, the price of the ticket includes a buffet and massage.


It is impossible not to pay attention to the exotic beauty of Asian brides. However, it is worth noting that the perfect image of actresses and models of Asian appearance is not just a gift of nature, but the result of hard work, an important component of which is makeup.


Asian women love beautiful big eyes and try to visually enlarge the eye section with the help of makeup and more radical means. Recently, in China, the formation of the folds of the upper eyelid (blepharoplasty of the Asian eyes) has become the most sought-after operation; False and lashes are very popular. Many girls use colored lenses with an enlarged pupil size - the eyes seem larger and the look becomes childishly innocent. It is very important to have mascara and black eyeliner in your cosmetic bag. In everyday life, Asian women prefer calm eye makeup. But for going to a club or a party, colored shadows and sparkles are appropriate.


The skin on the face should be porcelain-white and absolutely flawless. White, as if glowing from the inside face, emphasizes the sophistication and innocence of the girl. Another fun fact is that women of fashion do not go outside without an umbrella from May to October, because it serves as the best protection from the sun's rays. Asian skin should be such that the others wouldn’t be able to determine the age of the woman. As or the care, Asian women cosmetic brands such as Dior, Lancôme, Chanel. In addition to cosmetics,  Asian brides use natural masks. A strawberry mask with milk will cleanse and refresh the skin, and an egg yolk mask will moisturize, nourish and smooth wrinkles. Most of the girl drink water or tea with a teaspoon of honey 1-2 times a day. It is very good if you think about it, because honey softens the skin and generally has a positive effect on health.


The skin on the face should also be smooth, so the extra hairs around the lips and cheeks are removed. In order to do this, the master does not use tweezers, but the threads crossed between each other, which he constantly keeps taut with his lips and hands. Bronzants and dark blush can be found only in very large stores like Sephora. Favorite color of Asian brides is  pale pink. Children's open look, gentle blush on the cheeks and pink lips with a bow - this is the perfect makeup for most Asian women. Older women use lipstick, and younger girls prefer gloss or colorless moisturizing hygienic lipstick. Asian women have thick, fairly wide eyebrows, and very often they leave everything as it is.


Asian women are very purposeful and hardworking. They are responsible and punctual, and they also do not know how to be lazy. In student years, Asian brides devote a lot of time to study. Admission to the university and its successful completion guarantees a good job, and this is important for self-realization and success in life. Nevertheless, the main goal in life is love and family. It’s not customary for the Asian brides to divorce, so the girls take it very seriously and meticulously to find the right partner. In relationships, Asian women most often dominate over their halves. They are very jealous and try to control every step of their lovers. The average age for marriage is 26–27 years old.


Why are Asian Women Looking for Foreigners?


  • Career-oriented Asian women often feel left in their own midst and want a man who treats her like an equal, like a partner. He will encourage her career and take her lifestyle;

  • Some Asian girls decide to work immediately after graduation. By the time they decide to start a family, many of them in their homeland are considered too old. Western men are less concerned about age and appreciate a woman who is well-educated;

  • Just like any other girls, Asian brides want true love. This is what they want the most from the foreigners. They want to be with a successful guy who will sincerely love them.


Where to Meet an Asian Bride?

In principle, everything is very simple. The best way to do this is to get to one of the Asian countries, since the absolute majority of Asian women are there. However, there is no need to despair: there are enough Asian women in other countries, some of them are students studying a foreign language, while others employees of Asian companies operating in your country, as well as staff of embassies and consulates. You can always use internet and dating sites if you can’t find one.


However, before you meet your Asian bride, you first need to figure out what you want to get form. If the interest is rather in the field of exotic sex, then it is better to use the paid services of specialists in this area, it will be much easier and faster. Otherwise, you can and should meet, talk, and be friends with Asian women.


Any relationship begins with the first meeting, and it is once again important to understand what you are trying to achieve and with what girl you want to meet. Dating in nightclubs and bars is rather unambiguous, but it does not always mean a serious relationship, because having sex with a foreigner can just an exotic experience for an Asian girl. An important factor is the language. If you are fluent in their language, your chances increase dramatically, if you can only speak English, then it will depend on luck, because in some of the Asian countries girls speak English very poorly.


Some Tips for Men Who Want to Start Dating an Asian Woman

Asian etiquette is full of nuances, and you can easily offend an Asian girl or her family. It can be done unintentionally, simply through ignorance. So here is what should be remembered about the features of a close relationship with the young Asian lady:


  • Do not meet her parents until you decide that your relationship has passed into a serious phase. Even if the relationship is random, you still need to ask about their health, as well as be attentive to all other things that she mentions. This shows that you are listening to her and are interested in her and her family;

  • Do not try to attract too much attention. The family is very important to Asian ladies. If you want to earn the respect of your girlfriend's family and friends, be polite and modest, even if it is atypical for you;

  • Avoid topics like politics. In general, avoid discussing controversial things - they can be interpreted as disrespect for the family;

  • Your tone should be respectful, do not swear and do not express your anger. Asian girls do not like sinister men, any explosion can cost you a relationship;

  • Do not drink too much, avoid smoking and drugs;

  • Pay attention to any small detail and make a compliment. Do not say that the girl is just beautiful, better find something special in her and focus on it. For example, you can say that she looks good in this dress, or that the hair color really suits her. This will give your words honesty and create the impression that you do not give such compliments to every girl;

  • Express your admiration for the country. For example, if you do not know anything about Chinese culture, be sure to memorize a few facts and use them in your attempts to conquer the Chinese woman. Admiration for the history or culture of China will certainly make her smile. And if you already live in China, tell her that you want to settle here and ask her to help you learn more about local life;

  • Feel free to exaggerate. Simple compliments like “I like your hair” can be regarded as a show of politeness. Therefore, exaggerate, to give the girl to understand that it is truly a compliment. For example, if she wears high heels, tell her that these heels really make her legs look sexy;

  • Be persistent. A lot of Asian girls are shy and will always try to deny your compliments;

  • Focus on her personality Compliments to the personality traits of girls are usually more successful than compliments about their appearance. Try to find out what she does and what kind of education she has. Show her how smart you think she is, and even if she blunders something or says something stupid, don't forget to tell her that she’s very cute;

  • Start learning the language. Asians are crazy about foreigners who speak their language. If you flirt with a girl in her native language, you can become a living legend. Especially if you are in a small town;

  • Examine beauty standards. Remember that beauty standards vary across cultures, and Asian countries are no exception. Before making compliments about the appearance of a girl, you should find out what is considered beautiful in the country;

  • Try to avoid ready-made schemes of flirting. The problem of all ready-made schemes of flirting is that they never work. Someone came up with them 100 years ago and some men are sure that they still work. To use these schemes with women of another culture is more than senseless and ridiculous, as it will seem even more ridiculous to them. In general, avoid ready-made schemes for flirting, jokes and sarcasm. Asian women are not used to such communication, and most likely they will not understand you;

  • Avoid talking about past relationships When she asks how many girls you had before her, it’s better to lie. Most of the Asian women are not looking for a partner for frivolous relationships, they are looking for a husband. Even what may seem like a minor date to you will be an opportunity for her to evaluate you and see if you are a good partner. If you are also looking for a wife, tell her that you want to start a family and would be happy to have a couple of kids someday. It will surely melt her heart.


What Asian Brides do to Look That Attractive

It's no secret that Asians look amazing - even in adulthood their skin is young, smooth and radiant. And obviously, it's not just about good genetics. If you compare with European beauties, they begin to intensively care for the skin at the first signs of aging. Korean women, Chinese women and Japanese women prefer to prevent this process and maintain the effect until the most mature age. They also care about their appearance as a whole. Therefore, let's take a look at what they do to look good:


  • Make expressive eyes. Even if you only watched anime once, you might have noticed that all the characters in the cartoon are big-eyed. The cult of wide-open eyes among Asians is an inexplicable thing. To get closer to the standard, Asians have to remove the skin fold in the upper eyelid. Young ladies who still can not afford the plastic, stick it with special patches, thereby increasing the eyes. After applying makeup, it is almost impossible to suspect a trick;

  • Reduce cheekbones. Asians love acute elongated faces, and therefore try to hide large cheekbones. If makeup does not help  to make the face more angelic, they sign up for plastic surgery. By the way, this is a very difficult manipulation, since it is necessary to grind the bones and affect the jaw. After this procedure, patients are waiting for long months of rehabilitation. Therefore, Asians enter into a contract for several operations at once and radically change their appearance at a time;

  • Asian brides love smooth noses. Therefore, plastic surgeons narrow the shape and create a tip to make the nose look thin and elongated. Rhinoplasty is no less popular among European women with American women, who also don’t mind plastic surgeries;

  • Increase breast size. Now silicone breast will not surprise anyone. Women on any continent dream to increase their, and Asian brides are no exception. Oriental beauties have long ceased to be equal to sophisticated geishas and now dream of outstanding forms;

  • Multistage cleansing. For the sake of a perfect face tone and a radiant effect comparable to popular Snapchat filters, Japanese and Korean women sometimes spend more than an hour on evening bedtime preparations, strictly following all skin care steps. And if not every girl can afford to adhere to the 12-step system, then the first two steps are followed by all of the Asian women without exception. Residents of the Asian continent never wash off contamination with gel and facial cream so as not to distribute makeup and dust residues over their face along with foam. Before applying the cleanser, they thoroughly cleanse the skin with hydrophilic oil, while at the same time making themselves a gentle face massage;

  • Cleansing with a foam cloud. Residents of Japan and Korea believe in the miraculous power of oxygen, which is not forgotten, even during cleansing procedures. They do not foam cream directly on the surface of the face, but use a special unit for this - a small net bag. After simple manipulations, Asian girls literally immerse their face in a voluminous foam cloud;

  • In addition to thorough cleansing, Japanese and Korean women are crazy about protecting the skin from the sun - the popularity of bleaching agents and procedures in Asia is a great proof of that. A resident of Tokyo, despite the cloudy weather, will rather leave the house without a mobile phone than without protection from the sun;

  • Local care. Special regenerating / nourishing / moisturizing products for the area around the eyes will not surprise anyone. But patches designed separately for the chin, cheekbones and lips is something truly amazing;

  • Horse fat and snail mucus. The most unpleasant to the ear, but very effective nonetheless. Horse fat and snail mucus are perhaps the two main components of cosmetics manufacturers in Asia. Creams based on the first effectively nourish the cells due to the high structural compatibility, restore the lipid layer and soothe sensitive skin. Cosmetics with snail mucus in the composition perfectly cope with the first wrinkles, give the skin elasticity, as well as help get rid of scars, post-acne scars and stretch marks.



Asian brides are incredibly beautiful, and it’s also very hard to compete with their character traits. You won’t find a better partner for both sex and long-term loving relationships.

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