Mexican Brides


Mexican women are very serious about relationships. They will do anything it takes to build a happy family. Moreover, they are ready to make sacrifices for the relationships to be successful.

It’s hard to describe all of the Mexican girls in one word, because they are very different. However, you can be sure that most of them are very beautiful and feminine. They usually have a dark-hair, fantastic skin, and a very nice body. Their genetics is pretty good, so they clearly have an advantage over other women. However, they don’t just rely on their natural beauty, because they want to look even better. This is why they put on makeup, especially when going on some sort of celebration. It’s very beautiful indeed. Besides all this, Mexican brides regularly visit gym, which helps them stay healthy and sexy.

Don’t let the hot temperament of Mexican brides fool you. They can be playful and capricious at times, but when they feel like they can build a happy family with you, they turn into completely different women. And like I’ve said before, they are ready to make sacrifices. Another thing that Mexican girls are good at is at housekeeping. They are taught how to keep the house clean and cook food the right way from the day they are born.


Useful Information About Mexico

Mexico has a lot of amazing resorts where you will feel like you live in paradise. A lot of people go here for holidays. There are huge densely populated cities, there are absolutely deserted spaces where people are left alone with nature, and, of course, breathtaking ancient Mayan monuments. You can do a lot of stuff, like surfing and diving, climbing and rafting, and obviously hiking. Mexico has a lot of amazing ceremonies and cultural traditions, noisy festivals. You probably heard of world-famous artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, who managed to express the Mexican culture in their own special way.

The weather in the country depends on the place: it is always warm in the resort areas. And a totally different story in the mountains, where it’s never hot. Most of the meals in Mexico are made from legumes and meat. A lot of hot pepper is added during cooking, because Mexicans are known for their spicy food.

Everyone knows the names of the main Mayan attractions: it is Chichen Itza, Popocatepetl, Tenochtitlan, Teotihuacan and other ancient cities, literally buried in clouds in places because of their high location in the mountains. There are ancient temples, streets, tall stone stairs, pyramids. You will also get to see how ancient people lived there with the help of ancient museums.

In Taxco you can admire the rich architecture of the times of the colonization of Mexico by the Spaniards and attend various events that take place here during the Holy Week. There are also many baroque buildings of the colonial period and interesting museums. And in Guadalajara there is something to see: the beautiful historical center of the city, the impressive churches or, for example, the  Hospicio Cabañas, whose chapel is painted by the world-famous artist and muralist José Clemente Orozco. If you are looking to have some fun and party, then be sure to check out Cancúnr and Acapulco. These cities simply do not sleep at night, because of the amount of noisy bars, clubs, casinos and beaches .

Mexico City, the capital of the country, is a very big city with a lot of interesting stuff. The number of monuments and interesting places here is also amazing. You will find the remains of Tenochtitlan, and the enormous Metropolitan Cathedral. You will also get to see an incredible number of museums, skyscrapers, and the foundations of Aztec buildings, on which another cathedral was erected. Be sure to visit the house-museum of Frida Kahlo, the National Palace, which was painted by her husband Diego Rivera, and the National Museum of Anthropology, where you can learn more about the ancient people who inhabited this region.

Reasons Why Mexican Brides are Interested in You

Before naming all of the reasons, let’s talk about gold diggers. It might sound like money and moving on to a better a place is their main motivation to start dating a foreigner. However, if you think so, then you clearly don’t know what Mexican brides are all about. First of all, Mexico is not that bad of a place to live in. Sure, there are a lot terrible things going on, including corruption, slavery, drug trafficking, and so on. However, that doesn’t mean that every Mexican woman is in danger. Most of the cities are pretty safe, especially the big ones. Secondly, Mexican brides are too prideful to actually live someone for money. They would rather die than depend on someone.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to fool you that money doesn’t decide anything it today world. It really does, especially with women. They try to understand how much you make in order to see how successful and independent. Both of these qualities, in addition to how much you are willing to create a family are very important for Mexican women. Let’s take a look at all of the most important reasons:

Mexican brides want to feel like they mean something to you

This is important for any women. She wants to feel loved and trust you. If she does, then she will gladly do everything you ask her.

At the time Mexican brides are stuck in a very bad position. Feminism is getting more and more popular, especially in the United States. It’s getting close to Mexico as well. Most of the Mexican women don’t want to accept it, but it feels like some of the Mexican men leave them no other choice. Recently they have been treating their women very poorly. Beating up has become a common thing, and they are treating their own wives like slaves.

This hasn’t been the case before and a man could get punished pretty badly for doing such things. Now that Mexican women barely have any rights it became very different. The reason for that is the Mexican Drug War, that has been going for a pretty long time.

Now there is a total nonsense going in the country. Police doesn’t really control anything, same for judges. Besides, most of the country’s structures are corrupt, so they work for the drug lords. Many people who fought for their lives and country have died, which is also terrible.

All of this has caused such relation to modern Mexican brides. Some of the Mexican men act like drug lords and look at their women as if they are slaves, forcing them to do all kinds of disrespectful stuff, which is totally wrong.

Since I’ve mentioned the word “slavery” a couple times, it’s also worth talking about slaves, which is a common thing in today’s Mexico. There are enough criminals that constantly trade people, especially women. That being said, a Mexican virgin would cost you approximately ten thousand dollars. I hope you understand the difference between a mail-order-bride and a slave, because slavery is totally illegal.

You have to be very careful with all of this, because if you do decide to buy yourself a wife from Mexican criminals, then you can be easily put to jail if you ever leave Mexico. So do it at your own risk.

This isn’t over yet, because Mexican men have another very “special” character trait. I’m talking about cheating. Because Mexican men treat their brides with so much disrespect, they feel like they can do whatever they want, so cheating is a norm for them.

All of this really hurts poor Mexican beauties. They just don’t understand why they deserve all of this. There is no wonder why they choose foreigners, who treat their women with love and respect, and want them to stay happy.

You can go out there and say that not all the Mexican men are like that. And you will be totally right, because there are more than enough decent Mexican guys. Every single person is different in general, but there are just too many ungrateful Mexican men, because of the consequences of the Drug War. A lot of other men who didn’t like the situation in the country decided to leave and move on to a better place. All of this leaves Mexican women no choice but to stop looking at Mexican men and look for a loving guy from other country of residence.

They are willing to build successful relationships

Like I’ve already mentioned it before, feminism is a big thing now in USA and most European countries. Therefore, the women in such countries are completely different. They feel like caring for themselves and their career is a lot more important than creating a family. Therefore, if they do decide to start serious relationships and make a baby, it won’t be before they turn at least 30. You can’t blame them for that, because it’s their choice, but you do have to feel bad for the men in such countries, because they clearly want to find their love and don’t want to wait until they get old.

I got a bit off topic, but the main thing is that Mexican brides are totally the opposite. Despite all of the changes that the war has caused, Mexican women are still very family-oriented. They are looking to create a family as early as they can. Most of them start looking for marriage once they turn 18, and other girls from villages tend to do it even earlier.

If you are a Mexican girl and you still don’t have a husband once you turn 30, then it’s pretty much considered a failure, and you can only blame yourself for that. They are very serious about it, but they also don’t want to rush, because they have to choose the right man and do it very wisely.

What are Mexican Brides Like?

Let’s take a look at the famous actresses, singers and models who are considered among the most beautiful in Mexico. These girls are the real pride of their country, as they have achieved a lot in their field of activity and have become known far beyond the borders of their homeland. In addition, they glorify the beauty of all the Mexican women with their bright appearance.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is not just a gorgeous beauty, but also a fantastic actress. Thanks to her, a lot of other Latin American actors became popular. In 2006, she participated in the adaptation of the Colombian television series "Yo soy Betty la fea" for American television and became one of the executive producers of the favorite TV series "Ugly Betty" which became very popular.

Josselyn Garciglia

Josselyn Garciglia was born in La Paz on September 25, 1990. As a child, she enjoyed learning Polynesian dances, going to the beach, and playing with her brothers. She is keen on sports and has won many competitions in various disciplines such as swimming and water polo. She is best known for winning the main beauty contest of the country back in 2013.

Bárbara Mori

The beauty of the Mexican model and actress is due to the mixing of blood. The girl’s father is half Japanese and half Uruguayan. And her mom has Basque roots. After the parents divorced, Barbara stayed in Mexico. She worked as a waitress, and then she was invited to a modeling agency. After graduating from acting classes, she began her career as an actress. She started with TV shows, and now she is acting in art films in Mexico and the USA.


Blanca Soto

At the age of 18, Blanca donned the first beauty of the country, and then represented her homeland at the Miss World international competition. After winning a beauty contest, she worked as a model, and in 2007 she starred in her debut film. It was a short film, the creator of which was the husband of a beautiful woman. For this role, the aspiring actress received the prize of the independent film festival in New York. After the first success, she starred in films and serials. Her first major role was in the “Eva Luna” TV series.

Paulina Rubio

The star of Latin American pop music was born in Mexico City, and began her musical career in the “Timbiriche”, which was a teenage music group. Having recorded 10 albums with the group, Paulina began her solo career in 1991 She moved to Spain in order to work with the compositors, and in 1992 the whole world heard the songs of her first solo album. She has already recorded 11 solo albums, not counting collections.

Jacqueline Bracamontes

Jacqueline was born in the family of a football coach. After graduating from high school, she studied French in France, and then returned to her homeland. Studying at the university, she began her modeling career, and then became a successful sports commentator on television. After that people began to invite the beautiful TV presenter to the television series, and in 2001 she played her first role. In 2011, she married a successful businessman, Martin Fuentes. The couple has two beautiful daughters born in 2013 and 2014.

Angelica Rivera

The actress and singer with the romantic name is the wife of the 81st president of Mexico, but they got married when Enrique Peña Nieto was still the governor of the state of Mexico. She became known to the whole world after the release of the “Just Maria” TV show, where she played the role of Isabella Penalbert. In 1996 she received her first award in the nomination "Best Young Actress".

Patricia Navidad

Patricia began studying music since childhood, and after she sang at a school concert, she decided to become a singer. At the age of 17, she participated in the Miss Sinaloa competition, where one company offered her a personal stipend. Patricia Navidad agreed and went to Mexico where she studied acting. In 1992, she starred in her first role in the TV series “Maria Mercedes”, and she has played 28 roles in TV shows ever since.

Ninel Conde

Ninel studied acting skills at Centro de Arte and Teatro Emilia Carranza, and after that she signed a contract with Televisa television. As an actress of the television series, she tried her acting skills in a big movie. She takes an active part in television shows, and also records her own songs.

Perla Judith Beltrán

It was the mom who suggested Perle to try herself out in a beauty contest. Year 2008 was really successful for the beauty. This year at the beauty contest out of 33 participants, she took the first place, having received the right to represent Mexico at an international competition. At the Miss World, held in Johannesburg, after the swimsuit competition, she managed to reach the semifinals, and also received the title of "Miss World of America."

Talented, hot and charming Mexican women are known far beyond their historic homeland. In Mexico, the sphere of show business is widely developed, so it is easy for beautiful Mexican girls to realize their abilities and natural beauty in the cinema, on the stage and in the modeling business.

Mexican Brides And How They Flirt

Flirting and Mexican girls are synonyms. This should really impress foreign men, who never get to see a woman making the first step.

Mexican bride will let you know right away if she likes you. You will notice it by her look in the eyes. She also has no problems coming up and talking to you.

You might be thinking that since they like flirting that much, they aren’t loyal wives. However, I’m hasten to assure you that they never look at other men if they are already married. Cheating is not something you should expect from them.

What Do Mexican Girls Want in a Man

Just like we want our wife to be beautiful, feminine, have positive mindset and nice character traits, Mexican brides also expect things from us, such as:

  • Dress nicely. Mexican brides know a lot about it, because they spend a lot of time on looking after themselves. And you should do exactly that as well. If you can impress her with your taste, she will like you from the start;

  • Learn her language. Learning Spanish will be crucial for you, especially if you are planning to stay in Mexico. Just imagine how much she will like a handsome foreigner that speaks her own language;

  • Let her show you some dance moves. This might not sound like something important to you, but dancing is a big part of a Mexican culture. Mexican brides are very good at it. Obviously they don’t expect you to be a professional dancer, but they want you to know at least a little bit of dancing moves. Don’t be shy about it;

  • Don’t be cheap. It might be totally fine not to pay for women in your country, but it’s different in Mexico. Local women expect you to pay for meals, drinks, clothing, and so on. However, there is nothing to worry about, because Mexican brides are very grateful and will do anything in return. Money is not the most important thing for them;

  • Leave a good impression. Mexican brides ask a lot from a man, but the most important thing they want from you is to be a man in any situation. They want you to be confident and independent, but at the same time you have to be loving and caring. They want you to self-develop, but at the same time do everything that would be best for the family. It might seem complicated, but once you get the hang of it, you will understand that there are no better wives than the Mexicans.


Where to Look for Mexican Brides?

  • Dating sites. There are both free and paid choices available. On free sites you will face a lot of competition and will probably come across some fake profiles. You can try your luck without wasting a cent, but there is no guarantee that you will find someone. Paid services are a lot better, because they provide you with more services, profiles of the women are verified, and most of the women’s attention is concentrated on you. You can take a look at MexicanCupid. There are plenty of Mexican beauties there just waiting for you;

  • Marriage agencies. Only the elite brides are sorted here. If you feel like you want to start dating a bride that could easily win a beauty contest, then welcome here. Besides, marriage agencies do their best to help you find your woman and even provide you a translator if there is some misunderstanding between you and the bride. There is no clear price, it all depends from how lucky you get and how soon you find your one and only;

  • Mexico. If you are serious about finding a Mexican wife, then you should definitely fly to Mexico and see everything for yourself. Internet communication and exchanging photos is great, but there is nothing better than seeing each other live. You can look for Mexican brides any city( that is safe) and any resort. There are a lot of beautiful ones everywhere you go.


Final Things to Remember Before You Start Dating a Mexican Woman

  • Don’t force her into stuff. For example, if she doesn’t know your language, don’t make her learn it. Trust me, she will do it herself if she feels like you are the right person;

  • Learn everything about her culture and traditions. This is very important, because two of you are so different. Mexico has totally different culture and traditions. Therefore, study everything you can about it. It will not only impress her, but also open up a lot interesting things for you about Mexico.

Staying Safe in Mexico

Natural hazards

Local climatic conditions present a serious danger for Mexican citizens. Virtually all coastal areas of the country are constantly under attack by natural forces. About 17 hurricanes of different strengths appear every year in Mexico. These hurricanes provoke storms and floods, which often causes the death of people, both locals and tourists.

It is difficult to avoid this, but you can come to Mexico when the probability of a cataclysm is the lowest - that is, in dry windless seasons.

It is best to come to rest in Mexico from November to April. At this particular time, the risk of hurricanes is minimal, and the air temperature will be +26 ° C on average. And from May to September, the risks of getting to the storm increase significantly.


Organized crime

In any localities, including Mexico City, you should not walk on the streets at night or late in the evening. The most dangerous city is the Ciudad Juarez, which is known for drug supply.

Also, one of the symbols of Mexican crime is the city of Tijuana, which is on the border with the United States. You should avoid this area at all costs. For the most part, drug cartels are operating here, as well as gangs that profit from the transport of illegal migrants.

In Mexico, in addition to large-scale robberies, pickpocketing is common. Therefore, you should not carry large amounts or valuable items with you, and it is better to keep documents in the hotel in a safe place.

Thefts in public transport are also quite popular, so you should be constantly on the alert.


Crimes in Mexico are often committed by gangsters dressed as policemen. Tourists, as a rule, are not touched, but if any suspicion arises, it is better to demand to show the badge. Usually patrol officers react to this, and there are a lot of these on the streets of Mexico.

For those who decide to travel in Mexico on a rental car, there are two immutable rules - do not move at night and closely follow the tanker at the gas station. In the first case, robbers can simply stop you and take away your transport, and in the second there is a chance that tankers won’t give out enough gasoline.

Sanitation and infections

Before entering Mexico, it is best to get yourself a measles vaccine. Recently there have been frequent cases of the disease. Also in Mexico, there is a chance to become infected with malaria, rabies, typhoid fever and hepatitis A and B, but the chances of that are quite small.

Drinking water from the tap in Mexico is categorically impossible, especially - in large cities. It may contain a whole bunch of bacteria, including E. coli.


Mexico is one of the best places to look for beautiful women of any type. Just make that the city you are going to is safe.

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