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Best Russian Brides: Find a Hot Russian Girl for Marriage

We all live in the era of globalization where you can buy anything you wish in almost any country in the world without leaving your home. Nobody is surprised when you order goods in China or Europe. This is a general trend, which penetrated all the spheres of our life, including a personal relationship. Today, you can find a wife or a husband in any country, irrespective of the place of your residence.

Mail Order Bride Sites Overview: What are They?

The term “dating site” sounds familiar to many people. It is an online platform where people find each other. Thus, one can find a girlfriend, a pen-friend or even a sexual partner on such a website. But what is a mail order bride service and how is it different from a traditional dating site?

Though these two types of platform are similar in many respects, the difference is in the approach. Registration on most dating sites is free, and people create accounts there for various purposes: seeking one-night-stand partners, business partners, pen friends or just entertainment. The profiles are not verified properly; one person can have several accounts, which is the cause of numerous fake profiles.

Mail order brides sites stay one step ahead. They are created with a single purpose: to help people find marriage partners. Most of these sites work on the international level, which allows to find a foreign bride with minimal efforts. The registration on these sites is paid, and all the accounts are verified. This helps prevent scam and phase out unreliable users.

Reasons to Use Mail Order Bride Sites

Today, nobody is surprised with international and intercultural marriages. Moreover, their popularity is constantly growing. The reasons for this phenomenon are different; here are the most common of them:

  • Men from well-developed western countries are tired of the independent emancipated women that surround them in their home countries. They look for girls with traditional family values and find them in Russia, Ukraine or somewhere else.

  • Girls and women from some cultures are very beautiful. Thus, the beauty of Russian women is much talked about. Some men are crazy about the Asian type of appearance.

No matter for what particular reason you decided to find a bride abroad – the most convenient and hassle-free way to do it is by using a mail order bride agency. Their benefits are numerous; we’ll mention just some of them.

  • Registering on a mail order bride website is much easier than traveling to the country of your interest and trying to find your dream girl in the real life, especially if you don’t know foreign languages.

  • You don’t have to waste time on fake and irrelevant profiles. All the verified profiles on mail order bride sites belong to real women who expressed their intention of finding a marriage partner. It means their goals comply with your expectations.

  • For a modest fee, you get comprehensive support from the agency. They can help you overcome the language barrier, provide psychological consultations and other specialized services.

  • You can set any parameters and get a ready pool of female profiles that correspond with your requirements in a couple of minutes.

Commonly, mail order brides work in several directions simultaneously. But some of the specialize in particular countries and regions. Russia is one of the most popular directions, and hot Russian brides are always in demand.

What is the Secret of Russian Women Magnetism?

Russian women are famous as wonderful wives and life partners. And their natural beauty is not the only reason for this. Yes, Slavonic girls and women often are very beautiful. They care about their bodies and try to keep fit. They like to wear beautiful feminine clothes: long dresses, long-heeled shoes, and nice jewelry. They use high-quality cosmetics and they don’t fear to seem sexy and alluring.

That being said, Russian ladies are not just beautiful dolls focused on how they look. They can be loving and caring wives, and most of them are devoted mothers. Family values in Russia differ from those in America and Western Europe. Family ties are still very strong in this country. Mothers and grandmothers teach girls to cook tasty home food and keep the home clean and tidy. If your dream wife must be not just a companion and a lover but a real guardian of the hearth, then you should find a Russian wife.

On top of this, girls from Russia tend to be well-educated and well-mannered. Many of them have higher education. They make a career in many spheres – medicine, teaching, sales, linguistics, and so on. It is not unusual for a Russian woman to combine their career with bringing up children.

Of course, Russian girls are different. But they have some common features, which explain their magnetism and attractiveness for Western men. These are a natural beauty, femininity, and adherence to traditional family values.

How We Rank Russian Mail Order Bride Websites

There's certainly no shortage of mail order websites, specializing in Russian brides for marriage, as the service is really popular, and demand breeds supply. However, not all of these platforms are equally great. We compiled the rating of the best mail order bride sites, taking into account numerous criteria.

  1. The database. Needless to explain, the main value of any Russian dating site is its database. Commonly, the sites with a long history have much more to offer than young companies. Regular updating of the database is also important. Top websites show the profiles of newly registered girls in a separate block – frequently, the best offers can be found here.

  2. The share of fake profiles. Truly saying, it’s almost impossible to get rid of fakes once and for all. Cyber-scammers have deployed a serious business based around fake accounts. The question is how large the share of fakes is, how quickly they are detected and blocked, and how protected from the scam you can feel.  Trusted legitimate Russian dating sites use 2- or 3-step verification of user profiles. They regularly monitor the database for fakes and outdated profiles. Also, they never disclose their users’ personal data to third parties, which minimizes the probability of scam.

  3. Pricing. The number and the coverage of pricing plans vary significantly from one site to another. Some of them charge a fixed fee for the access to the database. Others offer several tiers – from Basic to Platinum. The possibilities expand as the tier growth. For example, within a Basic plan, you can only chat with the girls who are online now. On the next tier, you’ll be able to send e-mails to all the girls irrespective of their current status. The highest tier includes the possibility of voice and video calls.

  4. Claims and guarantees. No reputable site will ever guarantee a 100% result. Love is a subtle matter, and nobody can know for sure whether you’ll be able to find a wife. Instead, good websites can show you some statistics: the number of Russian brides registered, the share of users who managed to find their happiness, and so on. Some companies publish happy-end stories of their users, which can serve as an additional motivation for you.

  5. Functionality. Though mail order bride services look similar at first sight, they differ in terms of the features available. Some of them have rather cropped capabilities, which commonly include messaging in a live chat and/or e-mail sending. Others have expanded possibilities, such as voice and video calls, sending gifts, making compliments, and many others.

  6. Safety. When it comes to any online payments, security is crucial. Trusted sites use special scripts that provide safe payments. The payment details are encrypted and hidden from a stranger’s eye, and money is always transferred via a safe channel.

There are also some secondary things to consider, such as the site’s design, ease of use, the look of the profiles, and so. To a large extent, they are just a matter of taste, so we don’t put emphasis on them.

What Should I Do to Find a Russian Mail Order Wife?

Searching for Russian mail order wives is pretty straightforward. To start searching you need to create an account on one of the reputable sites and fill in a short questionnaire. We recommend to answer the questions honestly, as all the personal information is collected and analyzed for the most precise assessment of your personality and requirements.

The next step is verification. Serious agencies always oblige their users to undergo a multi-step verification. Non-verified accounts have cropped capabilities: usually, they can see the main photo and basic information about users. Sometimes, they are allowed to answer incoming messages. But they can’t start the conversation and see the details of the profiles.

We can’t but mention the payment procedure. Before you unlock a full access to the site’s database you have to pay for the membership. This is a key difference between mail order bride services and free dating sites. The fee is commonly quite reasonable; it serves as the confirmation of your serious intention.

As soon as you verified the account and paid for the membership, you can search Russian brides. The algorithms are very similar on most websites. Using a filter, you can set your criteria and sort out the search results. If you liked a girl, start the conversation or express your sympathy in another way (if there is such an option.) When you chat with several girls your chances for success grow, but don’t try to start too many conversations simultaneously. It’s easy to get confused and lose the track of the conversation.

What’s the Russian Mail Order Brides Cost? Do I Have to Pay for Each Candidate?

As we’ve already mentioned, the service of finding a bride on the mail-order platform is not free of charge. The question is: how much do Russian mail order brides cost? Normally, men are charged a fixed fee for an initial access to the site’s inner database of Russian girls. This fee can vary approximately in the range of $10-$50. This is enough to start communication with potential brides.

If you succeed in your searches and find a girl you want to meet with, the site can charge an additional fee for the assistance in your meeting arrangement. In the end, if you form a happy couple, you pay for the final result. This fee can also vary greatly, so you’d better read Terms and Conditions before you sign up a particular website.

Keep in mind also that many international matchmaking agencies offer an array of extra services. For example, you can order delivery of flowers or gifts right to the doors of your vis-à-vis. You may use the services of a professional translator for both messaging and voice calls. Finally, an agency can take on the task of arranging your first meeting. If your chosen one lives across the ocean, you’ll need to think over a lot of things before you fly to her.

There are mail order bride agencies that are ready to undertake the responsibility of booking a hotel, buying plane tickets, choosing a restaurant for your meeting, and so on. These services are useful for those who don’t know the country and the language.

It’s hard to say for sure how much the service of finding Russian mail order brides will cost in every particular case, as there are many variables to consider. The price range is rather broad – from $10 to $50 000 depending on your requirements.

Is It Legal to Use Mail Order Bride Services?

Some people are confused with the term “mail order brides” because it can sound like something illegal. However, there are no real reasons to worry, as nothing criminal is hidden under the concept of mail order. The term itself is not new: it was widely used in America in the 19th century. Of course, the situation in the global matchmaking market has changed since that time, but some traditional terms still exist.

Using a mail order service, you actually place an order for seeking pretty Russian women and pay for the execution of this order. It doesn’t mean that you physically buy these girls. What you really buy is information about the girls; i.e. the access to their profiles.

Do mail order bride sites act legitimately? Yes, serious respectable matchmaking agencies break no laws. To put it simply, they are as legitimate as any offline matchmaking agency. The only situation when you do break the law by using mail order bride sites is if you reside in a country where it’s forbidden to have a relationship with foreigners. For the residents of America and most European countries, it is usually not a problem. If you are not going to violate the rights of other users, you are acting in a full compliance with the existing laws.

What You Should Know about Russian Mail Order Brides

Are you dreaming about a hot Russian wife? There are some things to consider before you place your order on one of the matchmaking sites. Experts say that many men make one and the same mistakes when they start communicating with women from Russia. Here are some basic tips for those seeking a Russian female.

What are the Expectations of Russian Brides?

Though Russian brides are really special in many respects, deep in their hearts they are usual women with their own problems and expectations. The first thing to consider is that all the girls are different, and you’ll have to put some efforts in order to find the key to the heart of a particular lady.

Western men often make a mistake when they think that money is the main priority of Russian women. Actually, many of them have a good education; they are not unemployed in their home country, and some girls earn good money despite their young age.

What is true is that many Russian singles would like to move to another country, and the US is one of the popular destinations for several reasons. The list of the reasons is extensive: better opportunities for making a career, a milder climate (yes, it’s important), a better medicine, a possibility to combine career with studying at the university, and many others. That is why many girls look for the opportunity of getting the Green Card, and marriage is the easiest way to do it.

At the same time, it is incorrect to compare Russian brides with the women from poor African states, who enthusiastically meet any western man. For a typical Russian girl, your personality and appearance are equally important. To put it simply, Russian beautiful girls are looking for an independent responsible man with an average income and normal living conditions. Someone who can create a normal environment for family life.

What Should I Do to Charm a Russian Woman?

In fact, you don’t have to do anything special. Just be honest and natural – this is the key to success in any relationship. Russian women tend to be talkative and sincere but not very emotional if compared, for example, with Latin or Italian girls. Russian people frequently look serious – this is their national feature. Russian teen girls hear from their mothers and grandmothers that a well-mannered woman should be modest and reserved. It’s just a part of the national culture.

However, it doesn’t mean that these sexy Russian women are cold and detached. They are kind-hearted and romantic; they just don’t show their emotions, especially when talking to strangers. Once you become some closer to each other, you’ll see that a Russian girl can be merry and smiley.

If you want to charm a Russian girl, you need to be a good listener. Let her tell you about her life, ask her about her interests, hobbies, her friends, and her family. Don’t try to give her advice; just listen. This is a simple trick but it works in most cases.

Should I Give Expensive Gifts or Money to Russian Girls before We Meet?

No, you should never do it. Even if a girl seems honest and sincere; even if she emotionally tells you about her hard deal or about her ill mother who needs expensive medicines right now – never send any money before you see this girl with your own eyes. Though the probability of scam is low on mail order bride sites, it still exists.

Of course, you can make a compliment to a charming girl by sending her flowers or a small gift, such as a box of chocolates. Chances are she will be grateful to you for this, and your communication will shift to a new level. But as soon as you come across any attempts of making money on you, stop the conversation. Keep in mind that real women looking for a serious relationship never ask money.

Where and How Can I Meet Russian Women?

There are two possible scenarios: inviting a girl to your home country or traveling to Russia. If you want to meet Russian women on their territory, you need to make a visa, book the tickets, and book a hotel. Commonly, mail order bride sites render a comprehensive assistance in resolving these issues. If you want to invite a girl to your country, you’ll have to help her to get a visa and pay for her flight, so make sure you are able to cover these expenses.

The Bottom Line

Finding a hot Russian bride is not a problem if you know what are you looking for and what you can offer to her. In our review, we told about the key advantages of using the services of using mail order bride services. Check our list of top-rated sites to choose a trusted agency with a spotless reputation and a large database of single Russian brides who are looking for marriage.

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